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Category: dITNetwork News

New module to facilitate translations of websites in TYPO3

By: Joachim Streit
Orange Translation und ditnetwork.de arbeiten zusammen an einer gesponsorten TYPO3 Extension für Übersetzungen.

New module to facilitate translations of websites in TYPO3

Orange Translations has signed a sponsorship agreement to provide funding for the development of Localization Manager, a module designed to improve the translation process of TYPO3-based websites. TYPO3 is an Open Source content-management system (CMS) for enterprise websites. In recent years, the system has become a market leader.

Although TYPO3 enables websites in multiple languages, the process of translating and publishing texts has been labour-intensive, because translations had to be typed into the system’s backend. Localization Manager, which TYPO3 inventor Kasper Skårhøj introduced in a recent Podcast, is designed to simplify this process. This new module allows the export of website texts, so that they can be translated outside of the content management system, and then reimported after translation. “Localization Manager can export parts of the page tree into a spreadsheet in XML format; and [the translator] can simply use his spreadsheet editor to translate,” says Skårhøj in the Podcast.

Orange Translations hopes to integrate Localization Manager with the computer-aided translation (CAT) tools that translators regularly use, such as Trados or Wordfast, because those translation environments provide the highest level of productivity. “Using Localization Manager should enable us to streamline the process, which will significantly reduce cost and turnaround times,” says Martin Heimann, project manager at Orange Translations. “With previous TYPO3 translation projects, we either copied and pasted the translated texts into the website’s backend manually, or the translators typed them in directly.”

“Our goal is to enable translators to translate website content within their regular translation environments, without their needing to acquire any TYPO3-specific knowledge,” explains Joachim Streit, of dITNetwork in Germany, who frequently consults with Orange Translations in TYPO3 related matters. The team plans to implement and test the new tool on a trial site in the coming weeks.


Martin Heimann (martin(at)dont-want-spam.orangetranslations.com)

Joachim Streit (jstreit(at)dont-want-spam.ditnetwork.de)

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